Rough Terrain Cranes

Our Rough Terrain Crane fleet ranges in service size from our 30 ton Terex up to our 100 ton Tadano. Edwards Inc. has the right crane for your job. Our multiple locations for crane rentals provide customers with 24-hour service.

We have a state-of-the-art computerized communication center, enabling us to attain quicker response times for customers that request our rough terrain crane rentals.

The national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO) is fully endorsed by Edwards Inc. and we prepare candidates for the CCO tests.

Crane Load Charts

The PDFs of load charts for most of our crane rental fleet are available below for download.

Give us a call at 1-877-339-2737 or drop us a line if you need help sizing a crane load or have any questions.
(note: you will need Adobe Reader to view the PDFs. A free version is available here.)

Rough Terrain Crane
size boom jib loadchart
100 Ton 154’ 33’ Tadano GR-1000 XL
90 Ton 140’ 58’ Link Belt RTC8090
80 Ton 126’ 57’ Terex RT780
65 Ton 111’ 57’ Terex RT665
65 Ton 115’ 58’ Link Belt RTC-8065
60 Ton 110’ 56’ Link Belt RTC-8060
60 Ton 110’ 56’ Grove RT700E
55 Ton 113.9’ 28.9’ Tadano GR-550XL
55 Ton 110’ 35’ Terex RT555-1
50 Ton 110’ 51’ Link Belt RTC-8050
50 Ton 110’ 51’ Grove RT600E
45 Ton 105’ 35’ Terex RT345XL
40 Ton 102’ 45’ Grove RT540E
35 Ton 101.7’ 42’ Tadano GR-350XL-2
35 Ton 94’ 49’ Terex RT335
30 Ton 94’ 43’ Terex RT230


Rough Terrain Cranes